OILY SKIN - Quick Daily Routine

1. AM - PM Aurora Cleanser™
2. AM - PM Bloom Toner™
3. AM - PM Beam Eye Gel™
4. AM - PM Rescue Serum™
5. AM - PM Antidote™

COMBINATION SKIN - Quick Daily Routine

1. AM - PM Aurora Cleanser™
2. AM - PM Bloom Toner™
3. AM - Beam Eye Gel™ and PM - Radical Eye Cream™
4. AM - PM Rescue Serum™
5. AM - PM Optima Face Cream™

NORMAL TO DRY SKIN - Quick Daily Routine

1.AM - PM Aurora Cleanser™
2. AM - PM Bloom Toner™
3. AM - Beam Eye Gel™ and PM - Radical Eye Cream™
4. AM - Mix Rescue Serum™ with Optima Face Cream™ - PM Mix Rescue Serum™ with Supra Face Cream™

Use the Alpha Mask™ twice a week in the evening after Step 3. Apply generously and leave on the skin all night.

ULTRA DRY SKIN - Quick Daily Routine

1. AM - PM Aurora Cleanser™
2. AM - PM Bloom Toner™
3. AM - PM Radical Eye Cream™
4. Rescue Serum™ mixed with Optima Face Cream™ in the morning and with Supra Face Cream™ in the evening.

Use the Alpha Mask™ twice a week in the evening after Step 3. Apply generously and leave on the skin all night.

Once a month, mix the content of a Renascence™ capsule with Alpha Mask™ before application.


1. AM - PM Aurora Cleanser™
2. AM - PM Bloom Toner™6 to 10 drops of Rescue Serum™ up to 3 times a day concentrating on the areas of redness
3. AM - PM Supra Face Cream™
4. AM - PM Optima Face Cream™


1. Apply Rescue Serum™ to clean skin
2. Smooth on a generous layer of the Alpha Mask™ and leave on 20 minutes
3. Rinse skin with warm water and pat dry
4. Sweep Bloom Toner™ over your skin to refresh
5. Reapply Rescue Serum™
6. Finish with Optima Face Cream™
7. For very dry skin, add a layer of Supra Face Cream™


At the very heart of every EMK skin treatment is the pure essence of natural vegetal placenta from the Agave Cactus native to Central America. The specific plant derived active ingredient stemmed from our research on the life of cells. We discovered that botanical placenta works most exceptionally for cellular regeneration to repair the cell's past while reprogramming a healthier future. Placenta carries every known form of life to nourish, protect, preserve skin cells, build the immune system, and prevent damage. In order for the epidermis of the skin to change in any way from its various damaging mutations; such as skin scars, aging wrinkles, dehydration, or skin hyper-pigmentation; there must be communication to and between the skin cells. What is so remarkable about plant placenta is that it has a unique ability to penetrate deeply into the skin's hypodermis and is recognized by our own natural skin cells.


The Precious Plant Placenta

When cells communicate properly, there is a new energy and power behind all necessary skin functions. Oxygenation is increased so that skin creates healthy proteins that strengthen and protect. Detoxification occurs to allow skin to now absorb healthy nutrients in EMK formulas and reveal new clarity and tone.

The vital activity of skin collagen synthesis is enhanced to keep the skin's youthful cellular network strong and defend against signs of ski aging, including deep lines and wrinkles. Vegetal placenta stimulates circulation to restore remarkable skin radiance, resembling that of a child. And it maximizes the healing power of every active ingredient in EMK skin treatment formulas.



EMK Works With Cell Therapy.

Skin becomes unhealthy when cells lose the ability to communicate and work harmoniously to keep performing every task required for healthy regeneration and purification. Once skin cells become toxic or have mutated in some way, a new 'memory' is shaped. This cellular 'memory' becomes a pattern of performing that ensures the skin keeps producing the same effect, whether it is acne, rosacea, rough and discolored epidermal texture, or dehydration and loss of resilience. What we consider 'aging' is just of the aberrant ways skin behaves in response to internal and external stress.

EMK botanical placenta protein creates a quicker, deeper, and more lasting effect to transform skin's disharmonious behavior and create and maintain a new, healthy cell memory to keep skin acting young and looking young.


The Precious Plant Placenta

The plant placenta is the natural substance found under the pistil of plant. It is highly concentrated with amino acids, proteins, and peptides that act as bio-stimulators of the skin's natural repairing process. The high content of amino acids in the plant tissue play a major role in the process of collagen synthesis and cellular metabolism.

The peptides in vegetal placenta are involved in the most basic activity of every living cell - to consume oxygen. In the presence of vegetal placenta, cells consume more oxygen. This enables synthesis of protein, which is indispensable to healthy skin functions.


Q: Is there any human or animal placenta in EMK?
A: No. Only botanical placenta is used in EMK.

Q: EMK is highly recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, but can I use EMK at home?
A: Yes. EMK skin treatments are easy to use at home. You can use them in your daily routine and under your make-up.

Q: Is the botanical placenta protein in EMK skin care completely safe for daily long-term use?
A: Yes. Our advanced technology extraction process ensures that the purified, placenta protein used in all of our products is 100% sterile and entirely safe for topical skin care application in a consistent skin treatment regimen. It contains no hormones, heavy metal salts, or other undesirable elements. This advanced extraction process also preserves the beneficial protein structure of short protein dipeptides, monopeptides, hexuronic acids, nucleic acids, and microelements which could not be preserved by any other extraction technology.

Q: Are EMK formulas natural and organic?
A: All EMK anti-aging formulas contain botanical placenta proteins in harmony with specifically selected natural essences, nourishing antioxidant vitamins, amino acids and super hydrating sea minerals and fatty acids to treat each skin condition and the targeted area of the face. Essential ingredients in our formulas include therapeutic Seabuckthorn, Chamomile, Cucumber and Rosemary extracts, Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K plus advanced technology amino acid chains known as 'peptides' that are clinically proven to help diminish the visible signs of aging. All our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. They come from organic sources whenever possible. Many botanical ingredients are derived from organic sources.

Q: What are the results of EMK skin treatments on blemished and acne-prone skin?
A: Every skin responds differently to treatment products. Dermatologists have seen excellent results when using the EMK Serum for acne. The synergy of ingredients present in EMK Rescue Serum works wonders on irritated skin. The EMK Serum contains Tea Tree Leaf essence, which is a natural and highly effective botanical that combats bacteria that may lead to clogged pores and blemishes. In addition, many EMK products contain Shea Butter that is know to help calm skin and improve the look of acne scars.

Q: Can I use EMK skin care directly after a chemical peel or surgical procedure?
A: Yes. You'll see in our Testimonials that prestigious plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend and make available to their patients EMK skin treatments for use after any anti-aging cosmetic treatment. The remarkable nourishing ingredients help ease skin discomfort and redness and itching due to dryness and stress. EMK skin care was developed when a noted model and actress experienced a miraculous skin restoration using placental proteins.

Q: What about using EMK Skin Care products during pregnancy?
A: The anti-aging ingredients and botanicals used in EMK Skin Care products are not considered harmful during pregnancy. In fact, because of the natural ingredients, many are highly beneficial for stretch marks, temporary blemishes, and discolorations that may occur. It's recommended to consult with your physician regarding any skin care products used throughout your pregnancy.

Q: Do EMK formulas contain any ingredients sourced from animals?
A: Almost all ingredients present in EMK products are derived from botanical sources. There are only two exceptions. Chitosan, present in the Alpha Mask™, is sourced from shellfish. The encapsulation for EMK Renascence™ Skin Supplement is sourced from fish.

Q: How Often should I use the 24K Gold Peel?
A: It depends on how sensitive your is to peels. Our peel is gentle but it is recommended that all EMK clients start out with one 24K Gold Peel Home Treatment per month to limit sensitivity.

Q: What products should I use if I have eczema?
A: Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It's can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis is long lasting (chronic) and tends to flare periodically. It may be accompanied by asthma or hay fever. While there is no cure for eczema, our clients have found considerable relief and minimization of symptoms using our Aurora Cleanser, Rescue Serum and our Face Treatment in their daily routines. Check back later for amazing transformational and inspirational images of some of our clients that have eczema.